What is Konsult.Expert?
Are you struggling with major problems such as depression, marital issues or anxiety? Are you looking for a therapist to talk to and do not know where to turn? Do you want to find a mental health expert that speaks your language?
Konsult.Expert provides a virtual meeting point between you and mental healthcare professionals. Our product is a real-time video conferencing platform available on your computer which allows for face to face consultations with a practitioner of YOUR CHOICE.
Studies show that a therapy session through video is as effective as an in person visit. However consultations through Konsult.Expert provide many benefits traditional ones do not. SAVE money, avoid unnecessary TRAVEL, skip all the WAITING and konsult in your NATIVE LANGUAGE!
Who are the konsultants?
Through Konsult.Expert you will have access to experts in the mental health field. These professionals are carefully selected and verified. Please see our KONSULTANTS section.
Who will be helping me?
Consultations are only given by qualified and experienced specialists. At your service is a team of psychologists, educators, therapists, mediators and trainers. Click here to see our eXperts.
Why should I use Konsult.Expert?
Lack of convenient and affordable access to psychological help is a huge problem in the whole world. Access to treatment provided by the state or country healthcare system is often very limited and restrictive in both quantity and availability of help. Using traditional private counseling is expensive and involves many inconveniences such as driving directions and the stigma of ‘going to see a psychologist’.These factors often limit the amount of people that actually seek out mental help but desperately need it.
We want to provide an easy, fast and affordable method to seek the advice of skilled psychologists and therapists of all disciplines. Online therapy is the solution.
What are the benefits of the online consultations?
- You feel more comfortable in your own home
- You avoid commuting to the experts office (traffic, directions, hassle, car)
- You stay anonymous. Never worry about meeting a friend in the waiting room or a colleague on the way.
- You can consult for as little as 25 minutes and as much as you want!
- Online consultation are just as effective as traditional sessions.
What is prevention and intervention?
Psychological prevention - the use of different kinds of psychological methods in order reduce the likelihood of development of mental disorders and diseases. Konsult.Expert is focused on prevention thus we provide a service where one can talk about their mental health.
Psychological intervention - help and support for people who found themselves in a crisis.
How effective are video consultations?
There have been numerous studies in the past several years that have demonstrated the effectiveness of online therapy as a substitute to traditional therapy. They have shown that it is just as effective as in person consultations.
How does it work?
Étape 1: Enregistrez-vous
Étape 2: Contacter un de nos conseiller par chat
Étape 3: Il va vous suggérer un spécialistes selon votre situation et vos préférences
Étape 4: Faite une réservation et compléter le paiement
Étape 5: Attendez votre rendez-vous et lorsqu'il est temps, connecter vous au site et entrer dans le e-gabinet.
Privacy Questions
How do you protect my privacy?
Your privacy and security is our priority. Information about you and your data is confidential. All messages are encrypted on the server, and all communications between our software and servers is encrypted.
You can remain anonymous. When registering, you only need to enter your username, email and password. Your personal details will not be forwarded to the expert. You do not have to provide your name to the expert.
Are my videos recorded?
No. Video consultations are not recorded. Your messages and sent files are saved for your future reference.
Can I delete my transcript and my files?
We understand and appreciate your desire for removal of your personal information. We can always close your account so that it can no longer be logged into by anyone, but please be aware that the chat dialogues themselves cannot be deleted because we are required by Law to keep records on file for a specific period of time. For more information about this and other policies regarding your privacy at Konsult.Expert, please check out our Privacy Policy.
How secure is the payment system?
Konsult.Expert utilise un système de paiement tiers appelé BrainTree. Il a été créé par Paypal et détient les plus hauts standards dans l'industrie. Pour plus d'informations, visitez
How much does it cost?
Individual therapists and experts set their own prices, please consult the expert profiles to see the price.
What currency can I pay in?
With paypal you can choose to pay in the currency of your choice as the conversion is done automatically
When do I pay?
You have to pay when scheduling an appointment, before start of Konsultation.
What forms of payment are accepted?
Credit cards, Paypal and Debit cards
Is there any obligation?
No, you may even cancel up to 24 hours in advance.
What is the refund policy?
Yes, If you are not satisfied with your konsultation simply let us know and we will do our best to help you.
Sign up, consultation and cancellation.
Can a minor sign up?
No. Sign up can only be used by a person who is 18 years old.
Persons under 18 year old can use the service through the legal guardian.
Do you offer a free trial?
We offer a free talk with an advisor who will evaluate your needs and recommend an expert for you to talk to.
How do I know who to talk to?
You can view our “Learn about our experts page”, ask us a question or schedule an appointment to talk to an advisor. These are all free of charge.
Is the advisor free?
Yes, a short talk with an advisor is free.
What is your cancellation policy?
at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment there is no charge, if you fail to do so, there is a cancellation fee - 30% of consultation price.
Can I reschedule?
Yes, you can reschedule at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment there is no charge, if you fail to do so, there is a cancellation fee - 30% of consultation price. To reschedule go to your profile and view your konsultations.
Does the eXpert have to confirm my appointment?
Once you request an appointment the eXpert will receive an email and text message alert informing them. They will then confirm or offer an alternate date / time depending on their availability. You may always choose to select a therapist based on their availability.
What if the eXpert has not confirmed?
The eXpert will be sent reminders to confirm and if they fail to do so, the request will automatically be declined. You will then receive a notification and you may choose to book with a different expert. To book other eXpert click here.
Technical Questions
Can I use it on my mobile device?
Although the website is built to be responsive, the mobile applications have not been created yet. A team is currently working on them.
What computer and internet connection do I need?
You need a computer with a camera or microphone and internet connection.
The faster the upload and download speed, the clearer the picture will be.
Can I change my payment method?
You may always change your payment method before making a payment.
How can I choose my language?
You may filter our experts based on the language they choose. You may change the website language in the settings.
What hardware do I need for using Konsult.Expert?
If you would like to make full use of our features please use a good webcam and a microphone headset in order to provide the clearest possible sound. ( Headset not needed as long as your laptop or computer have built-in microphones, although we recommend it for the purest sound.)
Do I need Wi-Fi?
Although we do recommend you use WIFI for the best possible experience, it is not required to use our service. As long as your connection is 4G or LTE, then you should be fine. If you do experience connection issues, you can simply switch to audio-only, when connected to a doctor, and your connection will improve.